Wardrobes and Kitchen Cabinets
A kitchen is a room or part of a room used for cooking and food preparation in a dwelling or in a commercial establishment. A modern residential kitchen is typically equipped with a stove, a sink with hot and cold running water, a refrigerator, counters and kitchen cabinets arranged according to a modular design.


Kitchen Cabinet

                 A cupboard built into a kitchen or a chest of drawers for kitchen use,as for dishes and silverware.

Cabinetry Terms

When choosing kitchen cabinet doors and bathroom cabinet doors, having familiarity with cabinetry terms will also enable you to sound like a pro when it's time to make purchasing decisions. The following are some cabinetry terms to know.

  • Center Panel: The raised or flat panel in the middle of cabinetry doors enclosed by stiles and rails.
  • Center Stile: Sometimes called a mullion, this is the raised rail in the middle of the cabinetry doors that is enclosed by stiles and rails.
  • Edge Profile: Shape put on the outside edge of the cabinetry doors or cabinetry drawers.
  • Rail: A horizontal framing member of the cabinetry faces or doors.
  • Reveal: On a framed cabinet, the distance between the outside edge of the face frame and the outside edge of the door.
  • Stile: The vertical-framing members of the cabinetry faces or cabinetry doors.


A wardrobe is a standing closet used for storing clothes.

The following are the three main choices.

  • Free-Standing Wardrobes : The first of your choices is the traditional free-standing wardrobe
  • Fitted Sliding Door Wardrobes : Fitted wardrobes are often considered old fashioned but this isn't the case at all.
  • Walk In Wardrobes

Types Of Kitchen Cabinets

Framed cabinets

Framed Cabinets, also known as face-framed cabinets, have a frame on the front of the cabinet that makes the box highly stable and helps keep it square. Door hinges attach to the frame. Framed cabinets complement both traditional and contemporary décor.

Frameless cabinets

Frameless cabinets, also known as European-style cabinets, have no frame around the face of the cabinet box. Thicker side panels lend stability, and drawers and hinges attach directly to the cabinet’s side walls. Because drawers do not have to fit in a frame’s opening, they can be as wide as the cabinet, providing more storage. Frameless cabinets are often used with contemporary décor.

Cabinet Materials

Wood, particleboard, plywood and MDF are often used to construct cabinets. Particle board: Made of wood chips or shavings bonded together with resin and compressed into rigid sheets. An economical alternative to solid wood, particleboard is very stable and is often used in stock cabinets as an underlayment for plastic laminates and wood veneers in the panels for the box and shelving. Particleboard doesn’t warp, shrink or swell due to humidity, but should be properly sealed to avoid moisture. Particleboard is assembled using glue or mechanical fasteners.

Types of Wardrobes

Wardrobes with Door

Wardrobes come with two door styles — swing /hinged and sliding. Both the door types are preferred by people depending upon the space they have and the design they select. The sliding door is suitable when the bedroom space is less as it allows enough walking space, ensuring two people do not bump into each other. Swing doors are ideal for bedrooms with larger spaces. Besides that, some people are more comfortable with swing-open doors as it allows them a quick look at their entire wardrobe.

Wardrobes with Section

Partitions or sections inside the wardrobe are purely an individual’s choice depending on what items they would like to keep inside. Some would like separate sections for belts, ties, jewellery, stockings and other accessories. Others might prefer just a drawer to keep all the accessories in one place. Sections are usually created based on one’s need and comfort. Also, people prefer less number of top sections in a wardrobe as it is difficult to access them on a daily basis.

Wardrobes with Colour

Colours surely add a lot of vibrancy to bedrooms. One can opt for contrast colours for that striking impression or you can choose colours to match the other furniture and walls in the bedroom.

Wardrobes with Material

Laminates, veneers, solid wood, particle boards — these are some of the popular choices from the many options available for wardrobes in India. While laminates offer you a wide range of colour options to go for, solid wood is usually preferred by people who like to incorporate a wooden element in their bedroom. The recent entry to the wardrobe material guide is the use of glass/mirror to create a dresser cum wardrobe unit for bedrooms.